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These research methods are more sensitive, they can even determine the L-forms of bacteria, but these are expensive procedures. For the diagnosis of brucellosis in humans, a special Wright serological method is also used. A titer of 1:200 is considered positive. The obvious advantage is a quick diagnosis - no later than 10 days you can get reliable data on the presence of brucellosis. The modern method of DNA detection - PCR diagnostics, is used in very rare cases due to the high cost. Use the Berne skin test or an allergic diagnostic method.

To treat an infection, four main tasks must be performed: Treatment of brucellosis in humans begins with the appointment of antibacterial drugs. The selection of drugs is carried out according to the stage of development of the infection, the presence of complications and the degree of compensation of the process.

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It is based on the presence of a brucellosis antigen in the blood of a sick person - when brucellin is introduced, swelling and redness appear at the injection site.

The basis of treatment is the use of antibacterial drugs. What antibiotics are used to treat brucellosis? With acuteduring the course of the disease, doxycycline, chloramphenicol, rifampicin are prescribed in appropriate therapeutic doses. The course of treatment is at least two weeks. Due to the habituation of bacteria, that is, the development of resistance in brucellosis pathogens, quinolones have been increasingly used in recent years. In the case of a secondary infection, other groups of antibiotics are additionally prescribed.

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In severe cases of the disease or a complete lack of response to the introduction of antibiotics, glucocorticosteroids are prescribed. Treatment of chronic brucellosis with antibiotics is indicated only in the acute stage. If a person feels well, it is not recommended to use them due to the lack of effect. For the treatment of chronic brucellosis, a weakened vaccine is used. For some time, immunoglobulin was prescribed to prevent relapses.


Prevention of brucellosis is a complex multi-stage process, in which the main role belongs to the state and enterprises.

Is brucellosis treated in humans at home? Staying at home is indicated only with a mild form of the course of the disease without complications. In this case, antibiotics are also prescribed for a long course. Anti-inflammatory drugs are used to treat joint pain. Immunomodulatory drugs are prescribed. In a hospital setting, physiotherapy, massage and physiotherapy exercises have a positive effect on the affected joints. An important step in the fight against the disease is the spa treatment.


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